Liebig collection (201 à 300)

Title FR Title EN Edition Condition Sanguinetti VDA54 Unificato
(Arrangement de fleurs et patineurs) Floral Ornaments and Children Skating BEL AAA S0222 VA097 F0223
(Danseuses) Ballerinas FRA AAA S0257 VB118 F0257
Kochlehrlinge (aide-cuisiniers) Little Chefs I TED AAA S0259 VB113 F0261
(Rébus) Word Pictures V TED BAA S0284 VC021 F0282
(Mésaventure de l'amoureux) An Amorous Adventure FRA AAA S0288 VA219 F0298
(Boissons nationales) National Drinks FRA AAA S0291a VB133 F0299
(Cartes à jouer) (as) Playing Cards III FRA AAA S0294 VB127 F0302
(Coquillages) Shells and Heads I FRA AAA S0297 VB123 F0305
(Aide-cuisiniers) Little Chefs Ill FRA AAA S0299 VB122 F0306