Liebig collection (301 à 400)

Title FR Title EN Edition Condition Sanguinetti VDA54 Unificato
(Erforscher) (explorateurs) Famous Explorers I BEL AAA S0303 VA157 F0309
Blumen - Grusse Flower Arrangements with Butterflies TED BAA S0307b VC023 F0313
(Nègres) Scenes of Negroes II FRA AAA S0313 VB134 F0321
(Menu) Dinner Courses TED AAA S0319 VB126 F0324
(Menu) Dinner Courses OLA AAA S0319 VB126 F0324
(Rébus) Word Pictures VI TED ABA S0323 VC027 F0284
(Rébus) Word Pictures VI] TED ABA S0324 VC028 F0283
(Cartes à jouer) Playing Cards IV FRA AAA S0336 VB149 F0337
Cigale et la fourmi (la) The Grasshopper and The Ant (Fable) FRA AAA S0337 VB142 F0338
(Astres) Heavenly Bodies FRA AAA S0355 VB141 F0332
(Rébus) Word Pictures VIII TED ABC S0361 VC035 F0364
(Rébus) Word Pictures IX TED BBA S0362 VC036 F0363
(Oiseaux et fleurs) Birds and Flowers TED AAA S0366 VB140 F0367
Kaiserreisen Journeys of Kaiser William TED ABB S0367 VC032 F0368
Méprise regrettable An Unfortunate Mistake FRA AAA S0376 VB152 F0376
(Rébus dans médaillons roses) Word Pictures XI FRA AAA S0394 VB160 F0392
Etats-unis d'Amérique States of the U.S.A. FRA AAA S0396 VA201 F0396