Liebig collection (501 à 600)

Title FR Title EN Edition Condition Sanguinetti VDA54 Unificato
Races bovines Types of Cattle BEL AAA S0503 VA314 F0531
(Volkslieder) Popular Songs Ill TED AAA S0505 VC058 F0504
(Volkslieder) Popular Songs Ill TED AAA S0505 VC058 F0504
Deutsche Buhnendichter German Dramatists TED AAA S0507 VC056 F0502
(Phénomènes naturels) Nature's Biggest BEL AAA S0511 VA308 F0509
(Une excursion dans les alpes) A Journey through the Alps BEL AAA S0517 VA292 F0515
(Champignons) Edible Fungi I BEL AAA S0522 VA312 F0521
(Images à chercher) Puzzles (Hidden Objects) XX BEL AAA S0525 VA323 F0524
Blumen - Poésie Flowers and the Initials"Liebig" TED AAA S0526 VC055 F0519
Prophète (le) "Prophete'' (Opera) BEL AAA S0528 VA309 F0528
(Ordres honorifiques) Orders of Chivalry I BEL AAA S0529 VA310 F0526
Plaisirs d'été et d'hiver Pleasures of Summer and Winter BEL AAA S0530 VA316 F0527
(Attelages) Horse-Drawn Vehicles BEL AAA S0538 VA301 F0539
Rattenfaenger von Hameln (der) The Pied Piper of Hamelin TED AAA S0539 VC057 F0530
(Boules de neige (les) Children in Snowballs BEL AAA S0541 VA321 F0534
(Alphabet - hommes) Alphabet (Male National Costumes) BEL AAA S0543 VA327 F0542
Volkslieder mit rebus Popular Songs IV (with Word Pictures) TED AAA S0548 VC063 F0547
Sérénades de carnaval Carnival Serenades BEL AAA S0549 VA334 F0548
Château royaux de Bavière Royal Castles of Bavaria BEL AAA S0550 VA341 F0549
Don Quichotte Don Quixote I BEL AAA S0552 VA337 F0551
Enfants fleuris Flower Girls VIII BEL AAA S0554 VA331 F0554
(Filles - fleurs) Flower Girls IX BEL AAA S0556 VA332 F0552
Fleuves de l'Europe European Rivers BEL AAA S0557 VA350 F0556
Instruments de musique nationaux Musical Instruments II (National) BEL AAA S0561 VA343 F0560
Plantes cultivées d. pays chauds Plants Grown in Warm Countries BEL AAA S0566 VA335 F0565
Poètes célèbres Famous Poets BEL AAA S0567 VA336 F0566
Provinces d'Italie Regions of Italy BEL AAA S0569 VA345 F0568
(Chansons enfantines) Children's Rhymes Ill FRA AAA S0570 VB177 F0546
(Chansons enfantines) Children's Rhymes Ill FRA AAA S0570 VB177 F0546
(Kinderreime) Children's Rhymes IV FRA AAA S0571 VB176 F0570
(Vieilles Scènes françaises) History of France IV BEL AAA S0573 VA328 F0575
Styles d'architectures Styles of Architecture II BEL AAA S0575 VA330 F0574
Bismarck Bismarck TED AAA S0581 VC064 F0582
Fêtes masquées populaires Popular Masked Festivals BEL AAA S0588 VA370 F0590
(Timbres-poste) (outremer) Postage Stamps II BEL AAA S0589 VA357 F0591
(Savants et inventeurs) Inventors I BEL AAA S0594 VA364 F0596
Célébrités musicales Musical Celebrities BEL AAA S0596 VA381 F0585
(Ordres honorifiques) Orders of Chivalry II BEL AAA S0597 VA375 F0598
(Pêche) Fishing II BEL AAA S0599 VA362 F0600
Ponts remarquables Well Known Bridges BEL AAA S0600 VA358 F0601